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[PCH] - Leiv Altman App by MickiValentine
[PCH] - Leiv Altman App
This is my application for :iconpokecity-heroes:

#087 Dewgong 

Leiv Alice Altman
Gender: Non-binary (Pronouns: He/His)
Age: 24
Height: 5'8" // 1m72
Weight: 165 lbs // 74 kg

Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Mainly interested by males.

Pokémon: Dewgong
Nature: Impish / Quirky
Move set: Encore, Attract, Take Down, Aurora Beam
Ability: Hydratation (Heals status problems if it is raining.)

Job: Prostitute, may occasionally work as a stripper or host or do small commissions.
Hobbies: Sewing, Reading occult books, Cuddling with random people, Shopping... He also like walking through the city and exploring new areas.

~ ~ ~

Likes:  "I could buy more cake. Or more candy. Or both..."
- Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugshugshugs. Loves them. LOVES. THEM. ALL. HUG.
- Sweet food, but doesn't like to share.
- Male uniforms. He REALLY has a thing for uniforms. Cop, firefighter, bartender, you say it.
- Talks (any kind). He loves to be witty.
- Comfortable clothing, when he is at home or not on the job (since he kinda HAS to wear sexy clothes when he "works". Or no clothes at all)
- Walking under the rain.
- Picking up strays and bringing them back home.

Dislikes: "Darn it. I stained my shirt again. What is it this time?! SHEE- oh wait it was the light, hehe..."
- Spicy food. And hot beverages.
- Screams, cries, really loud noises
- Judgmental people
- Flickering lights. Makes him tense.
- For some reason, napkins. You can't eat without a napkin? He'll switch on the mom mode and will treat you like a kid. And yes, he will try to do the spoon/plane thing. He will.

~ ~ ~

Personality: "Hehe~ ! After sex cuddle is not free, so i'll add a supplement to the bill. But you still want to cuddle with me, right~ ?"

• Cuddly --> He just loves hugs and cuddles, and is constantly craving for physical contact. He likes to be on the receiving end, and  will not hesitate to charm anyone in sight and initiate a sweet and long cuddle session. It's usually purely platonic. He also likes to bite stuff and people. It's playful enough not to be dangerous or painful and it makes him giggly.

• Easy-going --> He doesn't judge that much. He has difficulties to understand what "normal" is, so he is pretty much ok with anything and anyone (as long as he has something to gain from it. Like hugs. Or cakes.)

• Cheerful --> Let's be clear: Leiv is always positive. He always manages to see the good side of every situation. It can get pretty ridiculous sometimes, but he is ok with people finding him weird (since it happens often). If someone he likes feels down, he'll definitely try to brighten their day.

• Intuitive --> Leiv is not any cuddle bug, he is a perceptive one. He is quite good at sensing danger despite his positive attitude, and will back off instantly if he feels something fishy is going on. This is quite useful for him with his job.

• Shrewd --> His sharp intuition brings him to instinctively grasp people's personality, and he can be quite the manipulator sometimes. His cute and charming side is often used on his clients to get tips and gifts.

• Sensual --> He is pretty proud of his body. He finds it lean yet still a bit chubby where it counts and he is very happy about it. With his looks and confidence, it's easy for him to be flirty and to get what he wants. He is very physical, and he needs to touch or taste to be fully aware of what is before his eyes. It happened that he gets aroused quickly, which plunges him into a dreamy state.

• Undisciplined --> One of his main problems is that he has problems recognizing authority and following orders. Give him a deadline, he'll forget it right away, and most probably ask for some sugary milk. He used to take pills, as it is apparently linked to a slight attention-deficit disorder, but the pills were expensive and it bothered him to take them so he stopped. You may have to repeat orders a few times for him to process them and take a mental note of what you want him to do.

• Honest --> Way too much so. He is perfectly capable of telling his boss just how much they are bothering him and still looking them in the eyes doing so. He is not mean though, and often finds a cute way of backing off if he senses danger.

~ ~ ~

History: "M-My story? Eeeh~..... Ok! Why not! But then, we'll grab something to eat, right? Check is on you!!"

Leiv had a calm and happy childhood in Dos Velos. His parents didn't have much, but it was enough for their small family. With his father working for the Torrents and his mom working as a radio host in Dos Velos, life was peaceful. His parents came home and went to work as regular as clockwork, and despite being very busy, they cared a lot for their child. Things began to go down the hill at his dad's death. His father left behind him some debts, and the Torrents made it clear: someone had to pay them. On the Torrents order, Leiv and his mother moved in Las Vicio, and began commuting each day, morning and night. Soon, she started to spend nights at her work, working overtime to make ends meet each month. She died from overwork.

From then on, Leiv lived alone in his mother's apartment, doing small jobs to pay the bills and buy necessary stuff. He often ended up fired due to his lack of compliance. When he started to grow conscious of how seductive he could be, he began to strip in different clubs. Some of his clients at that time became his sugar daddies, and as he had no problem having five or six at once, he decided to create a sort a customer loyalty. Sex came on top of that naturally. As long as he could make the rules (condoms and prices), he found out he was ok with it. He even thought it was fun sometimes. He dropped the stripper thing to focus on prostitution. His customer base is enough to make him live, but he stills hook people up in the streets in the evening.

He has quite a mom side and like to take care of other people. He'll bring them home if they are injured or lost and will give them a roof to live under until they can go somewhere else. He almost never brings back clients to his own apartment anyway, so it's not like they are bothering him or interfere with his work.

He has no revenge intentions whatsoever, it's just not his type. He understands that there is no way to change what happened. He lives from day to day, still paying his father's debts. He is very interested in gangs however (nothing to do with the fact that his type is your stereotypical dangerous night owl babe, nooo), but he tries to stay clean of drugs and all that. He wishes to make more friends among the Torrents and the other workers, since he is going to be around for a few more years paying his father's depts.

Character Relationships: [...]

Extra Information:
• He secretly wants to work for a gang, it'll make his life easier.
• He thought he was ok with having sex for money, but lately he finds it more tiring.
• He also tries to reject the thought that he is starting to find sexual intercourse disgusting.
• Absolutely never had sex outside of work. Never ever.
• He listens to cute radio pod casts when he is sure no one is watching. Reminds him of his mom.
• Strangely enough, he tends to admire people who can swear. He tries but he knows he doesn't feel right. His worse swearword is "mother of cakes". No kidding.


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